Data Science

Machine learning + neural networks

Machine learning is being applied to problems by companies throughout all types of industry. Advances in cloud computing now mean that even the smallest organisation has access to cost-effective machine learning and can use it to work more efficiently to gain advantages over their competitors.

We've used machine learning to build cognitive systems that streamline operations, surface market trends and engage with a company's customers. Our machine learning solutions reliably learn from the data that they process and improve on their mistakes to ensure outputs and actions that are consistently accurate and relevant.

Machine Learning

How We See ML

ML isn't so much the “machine”, as it is the “learning”. The fundamental difference between ML and more traditional rule-based automation is that machine learning is based on probabilistic models which are able to learn from many examples. This ability to learn allows a machine-learning algorithm to identify patterns in vast streams of data, patterns that would otherwise be impossible to explicitly program.

The real value gain with ML is what one does with these patterns.

Data To Make The Right Decisions

Customer Profile

Track customer spending habits and buying behaviour to build a comprehensive data profile on what brand, products and incentive level generates a transaction

Actionable Data

Track live real-time data of campaigns metrics by store, POS terminal, sales lift, product, region, city or zip code to easily pinpoint key data metrics

Targeted Offers

Deliver incentives bases on AI analysis of buying history for unique product SKU or brand most likely to convert to a purchase

Location Based

Link offer validity to a single location or a specific city, state, region or country

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Grow sales with AI-driven personalized incentive recommendations

Increase frequency of customer spend and automate the delivery of loyalty and coupon initiatives with our patent-pending AI product recommendation and distribution platform power your current loyalty solution, or adopt our end-to-end platform to apply the power of AI personalization traditionally reserved for e-commerce giants to your brick & mortar retail and online store.